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( Minsk Workshop, October, 28, 2005)

Hello Educators in Belarus ,

Greetings from New York City in the USA ! I am very pleased that our global iEARN family will be growing larger with new teachers and students from your country. Every day we see the difference in our students when they engage in collaborative online project work. They get more motivated and excited about what they are learning and they broaden their awareness of the world in which they live. Both of these are important as they act on the learning in a way that builds a healthier and more peaceful planet.

I wish you success for your workshop!

Ed Gragert


Dear Friends in Belarus ,

Welcome to your iEARN workshop. I wish you a fruitful workshop where you can discover benefits both personally and professionally as we work together to make the world a better place through the educatational process.


Peter Copen

San Diego , California , USA

The Copen Family Fund

"Empowering youth to make a meaningful difference in the world"


Dear friends in Belarus

Greetings from your friends in UK . We wish you a very successful workshop in Minsk . We hope that you find many projects for you and your students to take part in.

Warm regards,

Cheryl Morgan ,iEARN UK


Dear friens in Belarus , dear Ludmila,

We wish you a wonderful workshop on Friday the 28th in Minsk . Please share our greetings from Students, Teachers and coordinators in The Netherlands with your participants.

If possible share the most wonderful results in the ongoing Learning Circles on Europe , in which Belarus Schools have super input: http://twinschools.kennisnet.nl/europe We hope and trust that facilitators will show you how iEARN projects can change teaching into meaningful learning.

Best wishes from Holland , Bob.

iEARN Netherlands , Bob Hofman

Coehoornsingel 38 7201 AD Zutphen The Netherlands iearn@ict-edu.nl

www.iearn2006.org Skype: bob_hofman email disclaimer Join us for the

13th iEARN World Conference, 3-7 July 2006, www.iearn2006.org


Welcome from Israel. Let our students do project with you.

Ruty and Gladys from Israel


Dear Lyudmila, I cannot post to the country coordinator forum but would like to send greetings for your teachers. If you posted a message in the Teachers' Lounge http://foro.iearn.org/.eea5487/ I am sure you would get messages you did not expect. Diane

Dear Teachers in Belarus ,

Greetings from New York City . I know you are excited to see the opportunities iEARN has to offer your students. This is a warm and caring community. I have greatly enjoyed working with youth in NYC on the YouthCaN planning committee. It is exciting to see them develop

leadership skills they did not suspect they had and at the same time get a great desire to make this a better world for future generations. Do take a look at the project at


Warm regards,

Diane Midness, iEARN USA


Dear Lyudmila and friends in Belarus ,

I send you warm greetings from Beirut for a successful and engaging workshop. We have had wonderful contribution from students from Belarus in the A Vision project. They were creative and wrote caring pieces. We would love to hear their voices again in the forum!

All the best,

Eliane , Lebanon


Dear iEARNers in Belarus ,

It is great to hear that you are gathering to learn more about project based learning and how on-line interactions can help you and your students to learn more about their surrounding and their remote peers. Welcoming you in iEARN community, I am wishing you successful workshops, and to meet a lot of new friends.

Best regards,

Jove Jankulovski,Coordinator,iEARN Macedonia


Dear Lyudmila and all iEARN-Belarus workshop participants,

Wish you successful and great time during your workshop.

A very warm welcome on behalf of iEARN-Armenia

Karine Durgaryan

RE: iEARN-Belarus WorkshopDear friends with iEARN-Belarus,

On behalf of iEARN-Canada I want to welcome you to the iEARN global learning family! My students and I had the great pleasure of connecting and sharing with Minsk Linguistic Complex Gynasium College 2 last year.

You can see some of our learning online if you visit the "Sharing Knowledge -Our Projects -Learners Without Borders" part of our www.coolclass.ca Web site.

My students and I had a truly wonderful time learning about your special country, your culture and traditions! This is what iEARN is about at its heart, connecting youth so that we can build bridges of understanding. Yours in friendship, learning and iEARN,

Bill Belsey



RE: iEARN-Belarus WorkshopDear friends in Belarus ,

On behalf of iEARN Taiwan , let me express our greatest pleasure to welcome you to enter iEARN Big family. iEARN Taiwan has been very young in iEARN society, but we have already learned so much from using iEARN projects into our teaching and learning. Currently, we have been greatly involved in many projects, such as: Voyage Project, Teddy Bear project, Natural Disater Project, etc. We look forward to seeing you soon on line.

Warm regards,

Doris Wu

Country Cooridnator of iEARN Taiwan


Dear Lyudmila and participants of the workshop in Belarus ,

We would like to welcome you to our network, where you will have the opportunity of meeting teachers and students from around the world. We hope your participation will be fruitful and rewarding as it's been for us in Argentina since we joined the network in 1989. Looking forward to working together with you in the near future,

Adriana, Paula and Rosy

iEARN Argentina


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