iEARN in Belarus
is a virtual community with close ties to educational and youth institutions which involves belarussian students annually in collaborative national and international project work...

iEARN in Belarus is a division of TRANSFORMATION OF HUMANITIES NGO which presents a virtual community with close ties to educational and youth institutions and involves belarussian students in collaborative national and international project work...
iEARN-International: Started in 1988, iEARN is currently active in over 120 countries, with 1,000,000 students participating as part of their education...

March 21, 2008: Participation of gymnasium 1 from Lida in TALKING KITES AROUND THE WORLD PROJECT. Teacher: Alla Rovbut'.
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March 20, 2008: Participation of school 10 from Zhlobin in TALKING KITES AROUND THE WORLD PROJECT. Teacher: Julia Bukina.
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March 20, 2008: Internet - Game "OUR BELARUS: WATER FOR LIFE"
Оn the World day of clean water (World Water Day 2008 on Sanitation)
Youth International Educational Club "NEWLINE" (Transformation of Humanities Association), with iEARN-Belarus (International Education and Resource Network in Belarus) and IATP within the framework of a Decade of the United Nations «Water For Life» was hold interactive Internet - Game "OUR BELARUS: WATER FOR LIFE".


Marth 2008, "The Intellectual Marathon"
The "Intellectual club" of Minsk gymnasium #174 to invited te 10-11 forms students to participanting in "The Intellectual Marathon". The participants registration begin from February, 18th 2008 in and address.
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March 10, 2008 Participation of iEARN team from school 213 (Minsk) in "MY HERO" (Learning Circles) ELENA KUNITZA and ANNA AVLAS. Teacher: NATALY

Janyary 25-26, 2008, Smorgon gymnasium #4
"Forming of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in Schools Today: Essence, Content, Resources"
Iinteractive Training by YIEC (Youth International Education Club) "NEWLINE"

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Launched in 1988 as the New York State - Moscow Telecommunications Project, iEARN has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience demonstrating that education can be enhanced, and the quality of life on the planet  improved, if young people worldwide are given the opportunity to collaborate... learn more

July 21 - 26, 2007, Mubarak City of Education, Cairo, Egypt. Photos of 14 th iEARN Annual International Conference and 11th Youth Summit
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iEARN CONFERENCE. Watch for more information

Christmas Cards Exchange Project!
Janyary 1, 2008:

Participating schools: Gymnasiums Skidel and Zelva, Minsk Polytechnic Gymnasium 6.
Download a presentation of Minsk Polytechnic Gymnasium 6...
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December 1, 2007: 82 participants from different cities and villages of Belarus participated in master-class of INTERNET-GAME "OUR BELARUS: DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES"
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November 16, 2007: 38 school teams: 287 students and 92 students took part in "OUR BELARUS: DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES" iEARN NATIONAL INTERNET-GAME
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26.10.07 Seminar-training: "INTERNET AS A TOOL FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING (iEARN Internet Projects – Content and Participation). Minsk, gymnasium 42. Everybody is welcome!

21st of September, 2007:
Belarus schools participation in the International Day for Peace and Tree Planting Day

Students and teachers from Schuchin gymnasium (Grodno Region) planted 189 oak trees
on the territory of a former military object (teachers: Tatyana Gorokhova and Elena Lisovskaya).
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Peace One Day

- Peace One Day @ NEWLINE + ENO Tree Planting Day:
learn more about how Belarus contributed to the International Day of Peace
- Download the iEARN Project Book for 2006/2007
iEARN World Conference 2007 in Egypt - the web-site launched!

SEE ALSO: What is an internet-project? | How to get involved? | Need help? Don't hesitate to ask us!


27/03/07 - iEARN seminar- training for disabled students "iEARN - the network of equal opportunities" was organized in 42 gymnasium.
Teachers: Lyudmila Trebunskih and Tatyana Serjanina.


Session of the "OUR BELARUS" internet game. Date: 19th of April! - learn more

* Dear iEARN fellows: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! We wish a very fruitful, wonderful and extremely telecommunicat
ionally interactive year 2007! We're very delighted to present you a Christmas Card project and photos sent out by iEARN Belarus participants (See list of participants)! [see more photos of our participants] [about the project]

* Now you can easily access the news that we send out through iEARN-Belarus mailing list! For that - just click on the "news" and you'll get the archive.

* NEWLINE has published new photogallery from iEARN Teacher's Meeting at Minsk Law School 42 held on 09/11/06 [photogallery]

* Pictures from a seminar organized for teachers of Minsk Gymnasia 23 on 28/12/06 on telecommunicational projects in education (iEARN) are now on the web [photogallery].

* See the greetings sent by iEARN global community to teachers at the seminar in Belarus on November 9, 2006 - read more

* November 09, 2006 we welcome teachers at iEARN-Belarus seminar-training "iEARN PROJECTS AS A RESOUCE OF EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT AT SCHOOL" and presentation of iEARN Consulting Center in Belarus. Registration and more information via:

* iEARN PathFinders - DEADLINE OCTOBER 31! As much as iEARN has contributed to millions of lives around the world, also it has flourished through many ideas, people, and organizations. The iEARN 2007 Conference Planning Committee is inviting the iEARN community to nominate a teacher, student, parent, organization, etc., that has contributed in making a difference on a personal, professional, and/or a global level. In the 2007 iEARN Conference, we plan to publicly recognize some of your recommendations and nominees. We hope we would be able to invite them in person. If not, at least we will try to connect through ICT facilities. To share your iEARN PathFinder, fill out the following form and send to or with a message title: iEARN PathFinder, no later than October 31, 2006.
Your Information (Nominator): 1) Name 2) Position 3) Institution 4) Country 5) Telephone 6) Fax 7) E-mail
Person being nominated: 1) Nominee Name 2) Position 3) Institution 4) Country 5) Telephone 6) Fax 7) E-mail
In addition, kindly share with us in not more than 250 words how this nominee has affected your iEARN life and became your iEARN PathFinder. Be advised that there will be no accepted nominations or recommendations without the reply to this question.

* THINK ACT MDGs in Action - You are invited to join a virtual discussion how to develop and realize your action project. The discussion might be useful also if you run your project already but face difficulties you'd like to overcome. Register for the discussion and communicate with other international paricipants. See more at

* We would like to thank everyone who was taking part in the International Day of Peace 2006, which was a little over a month ago - September 21 within Peace One Day and ENO Tree Planting Day projects. You made a wonderful contribution. We have finally set up a web-site, where all your pictures and descriptions are published: We hope to see you involved next year as well!

* iEARN-EGYPT TO HOST 14TH ANNUAL iEARN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND 11TH YOUTH SUMMIT, JULY 21-26, 2007 IN CAIRO. Connecting Cultures...Respecting Differences. A global dialogue for development and sustainability. Check out the new conference website, designed by iEARN-Egypt students and alumni: General inquiries: & Conference registration & call for paper: &

iEARN EUROPE Enter iEARN Europe Website and find there iEARN European countries sites.



- YouthCaN 2007 EVENT TO BE HELD IN NEW YORK CITY ON APRIL 23, 2007. Watch for details of this and other YouthCaN events happening around the world. YouthCaN is a year-round network within iEARN of students using telecommunications technologies to undertake and/or share environmental work locally and around the world.

- CHRISTMAS CARD EXCHANGE. Would you like to receive Christmas cards from around the world to display in your school at the end of the year? Please register your interest now to be placed in a group with teachers from other countries. The project can be found in the Language Arts> Holiday forum or you can email Judy Barr in Australia <> for more details.

- Уважаемые учителя! Дорогие ребята! Мы приглашаем Вас принять участие в уникальном Международном проекте ЮНЕСКО "Это наше Время"! [] "Это наше Время"- проект для инициативных людей, способных отстаивать свои взгляды и убеждения. Вам предоставляется возможность проявить свои творческие способности, стать активным участником межкультурного диалога, затрагивающего проблемы мирового значения.

- WANT TO HELP START A NEW MUSIC PROJECT IN iEARN? There has been increased interest recently in creating music projects. Please come to the Teachers' Lounge and join the conversation about designing a new music project.

- UNEP INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S PAINTING COMPETITION ON THE ENVIRONMENT. An annual competition for children ages 6-14. Organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Japan-based Foundation for Global Peace and Environment, Bayer and Nikon Corporation, the competition aims to give children an opportunity to express their concerns and dreams for the environment. The theme of this year's competition is "Climate Change." Submission deadline: 31 December, 2006. Learn more:

- THINK, ACT, MDG's. An attempt to implement internationally ideas that we've been developing in Belarus in 2005/2006. The idea is to make a virtual consulting center for young people who are positive about making a difference in the world but have an issue about how ideas can be implemented. Facilitated by Dmitry Savelau and Sofia Savelava in Belarus

- Ярославский Центр телекоммуникаций и информационных системв образовании приглашает школьников принять участие в интернет-проекте похимии.
1 полугодие - 1 тур проекта (октябрь - ноябрь), 2 полугодие - 2 тур проекта (февраль-март)

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