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1. Dear Friends in Belarus,
Greetings from New York City! I have had the honor of working with the iEARN-Belarus team over the years, and have learned a lot from them and their strong national network of teachers and students.

I am certain you will have a wonderful experience connecting with your colleagues and peers around the world through iEARN. There are lots of projects to recommend to you. One that is close to us here in New York City is an environmental project called
YouthCaN, which connects youth online year-round, and also at annual events at local institutions, like the American Museum of Natural History here in NYC. You can check it out at http://www.iearn.org/projects/youthcan.html

Enjoy your time together on Nov 9th, and we'll be looking for you in the Teachers Forum:

Best regards,

2. Hello Teachers in Belarus,

I send greetings from New York City in the USA! We are excited that our global iEARN community is growing! You will find iEARN to be a wonderful family of educators who share the vision that students can learn better when connected by this amazing technology. We also believe that they will become global citizens, able to work together with all of our students to make the world a better and more peaceful place.
With warmest regards,
Ed Gragert

3. Hi and welcome from the United Kingdom. I am sure you will enjoy your workshop and
would like to invite you to have a look a the project One World which aims to link
young people around the world in thinking about how we are looking after our planet.

In January we will be starting a new project called Water, Water Everywhere? Which looks at he global issues of water. Does your country have problems with water supply? Are areas at risk from rising sea levels? We would love to hear from your young people when we start the discussion in the youth forum
best wishes
Mary Gowers teachersforum@dev.iearn.org

4. Dear teachers from Minsk,
Warm welcome in iEARN.

You are lucky to have with you Lyudmila Dementyeva introducing you to diversity of possibilities for on-line collaboration and on-line projects iEARN offers for teachers and your students.
Lots of greetings from cold Macedonia.

Best regards,
Jove Jankulovski

iEARN Coordinator
Macedonia Jove Jankulovski jovej@freemail.com.mk

5. Dear Lyudmila and friends in Belarus,
Please accept my warmest welcome to you all! On behalf of iEARN Taiwan, I would like to express our congratulations on the success of the workshop. With the introduction of
Lyudmila, I believe you will have a
Great start to know iEARN. Recently my school has been working with international
partners in Christmas Card Exchange project, where we are lucky enough to work
with one Belarus teacher.
You are most welcome to work with us soon online.
Warm regards,
Doris Wu
Country Coordinator of iEARN Taiwan, doris21.wu@msa.hinet.net

6. Dear friends in Belarus,
From The Netherlands we wish you a very fruitful workshop on November 9th.
Please experience the beauty and strength of iEARN as global learning community.. we hope to work a lot together!!!
On behalf of all students and teachers in Holland we send you many greetings.

iEARN Netherlands, Bob Hofman
iEARN International Executive Council member
E iearn@ict-edu.nl www.iearn2007.net

7. Dear teachers in Belarus
You are mostly welcome to our IEARN family and hope you to have a fruitul and enjoyable workshop,you'll discover that by yourselves the moment your are envolved in the projects.
our best wishes from Palestine The Holy land
palestine representative

"kahraman arafa" kahraman_arafa@hotmail.com

8. Hello to Friends in Minks,
I wish you a fruitful workshop-- both personally and professionally.
Dear Friends in Belarus,
I wish you a most rewarding workshop -- both professionally and personally -- in iEARN. For me, it has opened up new doors of learning and friends around the world -- for me and the students.

Best regards,

Peter Copen
San Diego, California

9. Dear teachers from Minsk,

We wish you a good workshop and hoping to meet you in some iEARN project
soon. Best regards from Catalunya,

iearn pangea iearn@pangea.org

10. Dear Lyudmila and friends in Minsk,

Welcome to the iEARN family!
I know that with Lyudmila as your guide, you will have a fun and successful
workshop. There are many wonderful projects created by iEARN teacher
and student members from arond the world. These projects will help you
make learning more engaging and relevant for your students. When they
realize that they will be communicating with others around the world, they
will naturally try to write with more purpose and care. When they realize that
their voices are important and that others will really read and think
carefully what they have to say, they will grow substantially as learners.

On a personal note, I would like to invite you to visit my project about
the issue of bullying. You can choose to post your thoughts and ideas in
the iEARN Discussion forum for this project at http://foro.iearn.org/.f152d44/
or you can go the project's Web site at www.bullying.org
where your students can share their stories, poems, drawings, music, videos and more.
I would also like to invite you to visit my own class Web
site at www.coolclass.ca "Canada's Coolest Class!"

Yours in friendship, learning and iEARN,
Bill Belsey

"bill@iearn-canada.org" bill@iearn-canada.org

11. Dear Lyudmila and friends in Minsk,

Our best wishes for a very productive and fun workshop! A warm welcome to the new teachers, it is our hope that you will find the iEARN community and projects as helpful as it's been for us and for hundreds of teachers in Argentina.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to work with teachers in Argentina. Our native language is Spanish but many teachers and students can participate in English too. Our school calendar is March-December, we are in Spring now and starting the last month of regular
classes :-). In December most students are with final exams. Looking forward to working together with you,
Adriana, Paula and Rosy
iEARN Argentina
"Rosy Aguila" rosyaguila@telar.org

12. Dear Friends in iEARN,
Very soon (15th to 19th November) we will celebrate the Global Education Week, and I would
like to kindly invite you to participate in the Folk Costumes Project, to work together during
that week in promoting our national values and traditions, the beauty of our folk costumes and
floklore. I invite your students to interact with my students on the culture forum, and share
their knowledge about traditional clothes in their country, exchange photos and short
descriptions of them, also to visit the project's web site

I am looking forward to a great collaboration,
Nelly Platon
Coordinator of Folk Costumes Around the Globe Project

12.Hello Everybody!

We are a 9th grade Biology class at Episcopal High School in Jacksonville, Florida,
USA. Our teacher is Mr. Silkey who also coaches the lacrosse team here. We have 13 students in this class, 4 boys and 9 girls: Taylor is 15 years old and plays soccer, Mac is 15 years old and likes to play sports, Rachel is 15 years old and likes to dance, Erin is 14 years old and trains horses, Alec is 14 years old and can sing very well, Matt is 14 years old and likes to play soccer, Morgan is 14 years old and Christmas is her favorite holiday, Tory is 14 years old and her favorite place to go is the beach, Casey is 14 years old and likes listening to all types of music
(except Classical), Ginny is 14 years old and enjoys water skiing and surfing, Caitlyn is 14 years old and loves going to the beach and surfing, Nelle is 14 years old and is very good at swimming, and Merrill is 14 years old and likes to ride horses.

We just celebrated Halloween when we all dress up in costumes and travel house to
house getting candy. Do you celebrate Halloween or a holiday like it?

We are all looking forward to learning about other cultures and meeting new people.

Mr. Silkeys Biology Class
Jacksonville, Florida, USA.Taylor Ludecke teachersforum@dev.iearn.org

13. Hello New Teachers in Belarus,

I send greetings from New York City in the USA. I am very excited that you
are joining the iEARN global community of educators. You will find them to
be warm, supportive and committed to the idea that this amazing technology
can be a powerful tool for enhancing teaching and learning, as well as for
building global citizens!

Best wishes for a successful workshop.

Ed Gragert

14. Dear friends in Belarus,

I wish you all a great time in your new learning experiece with
iearn family around the globe .Definitely you will find iearn community supportive and ready
to work with you and your kids . A big thanks go to your trainers too who make this event
hapens there,
Take care and lovely training sessions ,

Issa Khalfan,
Country Coordinator , Oman "Issa Al Unqoodi" najmawee9@hotmail.com

15. Dear Lyudmila and iEARN-Belarus workshop participants,

on behalf of iEARN-Armenia we are sending you our
congratulations and
the warmest greetings.
We wish you the productive and fruitful workshop and hope to
meet you
in joint projects implementation

Best regards,
Karine Durgaryan
iEARN-Armenia coordinator Karine Durgaryan karine@childlib.am



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