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* NEWLINE, THNK ACT MDGs and iEARN-Belarus were presented at the NGO Market in Prague - an annual internatonal market of non-governmental organizations, organized for NGOs presentation, partners search, for discussion of possible ideas and projects [more about NGO Market] * We would like to thank all participants of the Internet-game "OUR Belarus: the Millennium Goals" for your initiative, partcipaton and hard work! The Internet-game 2006 was held on 21/04/2006 at the web-site [THE GAMES WEBSITE]

* Dear friends, Youth Philosophy club WWLI-EHU and iEARN-Belarus invite you to participate in the INTERNET-GAME "OUR BELARUS: MILLENNIUM GOALS" that will be organized on April 21, 2006 from 13.00 to 16.00 (Minsk time, 14.00 – 17.00 Moscow)!!!! - continuation

* April 15, 2006: Dear friends, Law Gymnasia #42 welcome you to join our project "Kindness Can Change the World". The participants write stories or life stories in their native languages to tell their pals how kindness can change the world for better, and what might happen if we don't have good manners or don't show consideration for other people - continuation

* March 21,2006: The students of Minsk school 35, participating in iEARN project "Taking Kites all Over the World" launched the Kite with the symbols of peace as the message of tolerance, solidarity and dreams for better world - continuation

* March 15, 2006 INVITATION: Lyudmila Trebunskih is kindly inviting iEARN teachers and students to participate in the competition on the internet project "I Am a Guide". Send your messages at See her letter at Russian page
* February 22, 2006: Natalia Turko from school 35 took part in iEARN national conference LProjects build bridges for friendship and cooperation" in Radviliskis, Lithuania. She presented the collaborative project "TEDDY BEAR" and different iEARN projects her school participate. [Photo: 4a students with Lithuanian Teddy Bear] See Natalia's letter at Russian page

* Ludmila Trebunskih invites teachers to participate in her project "I am a guide"

* 08/02/2006: seminar- training "Our school Internet-club", Minsk school #35

05/01/2006: seminar- presentation "We and Internet-projects", Minsk school #208

Congratulations to a winner of the "Digital Wind - 2005" Competition Aleksander Volyanuk, Urickaya school,,
Gomel region, "Informational Culture"club's leader - Irina Morozova

* The open Internet-conferece of the World We Live In project starts on March 31, 2005

* Internet-Club "WEP" (Minsk school 113) and "New Line" Club invite students and teachers to participate
in the "Our Land" project.

* November, 01,2004 iEARN teachers from school 35, Minsk organize the iEARN workshop for newcomers.
* Need Action for those who suffered from Natural Disasters! (Japan)
* Feedbacks - we created new page were you can find feedbacks about our web-site.
* "Our Belarus" Internet-Game - Autumn 2004 - will be held on November, 17 2004!
iEARN-Belarus participation in 2004 International Education Week (November 15-19). Events
Internet Game “Our Belarus” – winners announcement; iEARN teachers internet conference;

* [31/03/05] an open Internet-conferece of the World We Live In project...
* On November, 01,2004 iEARN teachers from school 35, Minsk organize the iEARN workshop for newcomers. The workshop participants will be happy to see your greetings.
* Internet-Club "WEP" and "New Line" Club invite students and teachers to visit the presentation of the new national iEARN project "Our Land" on November,02,2004 at Minsk school 113. Our address:
Pushkin Prospect, 48 (14.00, Concert Hall)
* "Our Belarus" Internet-Game - Autumn 2004 - registration!
* Belarus in The Art Miles Project
Training for iEARN: "iEARN Internet Projects - content and participation", Minsk, 30.09.2004.
*iEARN teachers seminar-training: "Creating Project Website at School", National Library, 20 – 24.09.2004
* The 2004-2005 iEARN Project Description Book is now up on the web (1mb, pdf file);
* "World We Live In" project coordinators meeting: September 07, 2004;
* iEARN EUROPE Enter iEARN Europe Website and find there iEARN European countries sites.
* Congratulations with the new study year! Hope to see you all online!

Events in 2004

- 11th International iEARN-Conference (Slovakia, Kosice); 8th International iEARN-Youth Summit (Slovakia)

- Creating and publication iEARN-Belarus Websites:;

- Christmas iEARN Teachers Presentation and the Workshop at IATP
access site (31 teachers from Minsk and Minsk region schools). 1-day
Workshop, 06/01/2004.

- "Internet Projects for Philosophy Faculty Students of the European Humanitarian University (EHU)": Workshop at EHU site, 13/01/2004

- iEARN Students Seminar: "World We Live In" iEARN Project" at Minsk IATP access site: Workshop, 22/01/2004;

- iEARN Workshop on creating iEARN-Belarus Website at Minsk IATP access site: Workshop, 28/01/2004

- Internet training workshop: "iEARN Internet Projects - content and students participation" for iEARN teachers: Workshop, 06-07/02/2004

- iEARN Seminar and Workshop "Internet as a tool for teaching and learning" for teachers - newcomers at iEARN Network at Minsk Gymnasium 1, school 4 and IATP sites: Workshop, 18-19/02/2004

- iEARN Students and Teachers Workshop: "Moderators and Coordinators of on-line iEARN Conferences" at Minsk IATP access site: Workshop, 23/02/2004

- iEARN Workshop "iEARN Projects in Education and Learning" at Gomel School 10 and Gomel IATP access site: Workshop,28-29/02/2004

- National Internet-project "World We Live In: The Art Miles": Travelling Exhibiton (February -June)

- Students Game “Our Belarus” - Minsk (March 2004)

- Spring Discussion Camp of “World We Live In” Project participants (MSPYC, March, 22-26)

- iEARN Teachers and Students Internet Conference - IATP Regional Centers in Minsk, Gomel, Brest, Vitebsk, Polock, Molodechno (March 2004)

- April Decade of iEARN presentation meetings “iEARN Internet Projects – content and participation” in schools from the regions suffered from Chernobyl (Stolin, Volojin, Dribin, Slavgorod, April 6 – 16)

- iEARN Internet-Conference: “iEARN projects at school” - Minsk (may 2004)

- iEARN Teachers/Students Seminar: “World We Live In” and iEARN Projects (Dobrush gymnasium, Gomel area, May, 29

- iEARN-Belarus Conference “National and International Educational Projects” - Minsk (June 2004)



ENO Programme’s global event for environment and future.
ENO Programme gathers the children and youth in the world for a common event on 21st of September 2004. 
Trees will be planted at schools at 12.00 local time.
This ”chain of trees” will start in New Zealand and end up in Hawaii,USA. Over 100 schools in 44 countries
have registrated for the event. Students share their experiences and ”trees” through online chat and
a database where ”trees will be moved”.

This event lays focus on environmental protection. It is also a symbol for
international co-operation, cultural diversity and tolerance. Tree planting is also work for peace.
The same day is also an international day of peace.

ENO-Environment Online  is a global web school for environmental awareness and sustainable development
where currently 180 schools in 68 countries study
environmental issues through out the school year. This programme has been
running since August 2000 and is administrated by the city of Joensuu, Finland.



Mr Mika Vanhanen, coordinator
ENO Programme
tel +358 40 50 70 725
fax +358 13 26 75 543

Web Office:
Mon-Fri 7.00-11.00 UT



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