National Projects of iEARN-Belarus

'Think ACT MDGs' - Coordinator Dmitry Savelau (YIEC "New Line") | web-site | e-mail |

'World We Live In' Project - Coordniators: Sofia Savelava, (YIEC "New Line") | web-site | e-mail |

'I am a guide!' - Coordinator Ludmila Trebunskih | e-mail |

'Our Belarus' Internet-game - Coordinators: Sofia Savelava,Olga Shparaga, Vladimir Karpeychik, Ekaterina Tomkovich, Dzmitry Savelau (YIEC 'New Line'), Philosophy Youth Club WWLi-EHU | web-site |

«Kindness can change the world for better». Participants write fairy tales in their native languages about polite and impolite people and what might happen if we don't have good manners or don't show consideration for other people. Coordinator: Tatiana Serjanina in Belarus e-mail | web-site

"Our Land" Project: students examine and describe the most interesting places in their city, town, village, in national parks, they tell about popular places for traveling in Belarus . The participants of the project write compositions, essays, draw, paint and take photos to attract attention to the most interesting places of their land. They put this information on the web-site to recommend tourist routes and excursions to the most beautiful places of their land. Coordinators: Natalia Temchenko, Elena Koznetsova ("WEP" Internet Club, Minsk School 113) | e-mail |

'Teddy Bear' regional center - Coordinator Natalia Turko (Minsk Secondary School #35) web-site | e-mail

"Mova Belarusau" ("Language of Belarussians") Project - Coordinators: Andrej Morozov and Svetlana Sarakach (Internet-club "WEP" of the 113 Minsk Secondary School) web-site | e-mail

"Memory of Belarussian Land" - Coordinator - Helen Shutko, teacher of computer science (Minsk Secondary School 54) web-site |

'World We Live In: The Art Miles' - Coordinators: Sofia Savelava, Ekaterina Tomkovich (YIEC 'New Line'), Ludmila Trebunskih, Oksana Kontarovich (MPYC) | web-site |

National iEARN Projects for 2006-2007: New Proposals

- "Peace One Day " - a collaborative initative together with YIEC "New Line" and Peace One Day organization | web-site |

- "The Other Side of Silence" - Coordinators: Dzmitry Savelau (YIEC "New Line"), Natalya Aksionova (Zhdavovichi School for disable children) | e-mail |

- "Let's Learn German!" - Coordinator: Alena Stchurouskaja (MPYC) | e-mail |

- "Sings and Symbols of Cultures" Project - Coordinator: Ludmila Trebunskikh (MPYC) | e-mail |

iEARN projects coordinated by belarussian teachers

- "Children And Violence" Project coordinated by Natalia Retryaeva and Galina Belobokaya | project's web-site | e-mail |

- "Souvenir Shop" Project. Coordinators: Oleg Krutikov, Natalia Khavanova, Svetlana Khavanova, Svetlana Rudaya | project's web-site | e-mail |

- "We Are Contemporaries" Project. Coordinators (Belarussian representative): Svetlana Khavanova | e-mail |

- "World We Live In" Project. Coordinators: Youth International Education Club "NEW LINE"| project's web-site | e-mail |



Sofia Savelava -Youth International Education Club 'New Line', director. Contact details:, ICQ# 201018353. To lean more about the club - go on the web-site




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